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Eyebrows frame the entire face and play a vital role in creating facial symmetry. Perfectly shaped eyebrows enhanced by permanent makeup define your face, correct asymmetry , add fullness to sparse, thin or light hair and guarantee a perfect look every day.


Powder eyebrow- $530

Ombre brows - $530

Microblading - $530

Hybrid - $530

Microblading with shading $530

3D hair stroke - $530


Eyelash enhancement - permanent upper and lower eyeliner optically enhances lashes and emphasizes the shape of your eyes. It creates soft, natural or defied and seductive look. You will finally enjoy makeup that gives you a natural round the clock beauty.


Lash Enhancement upper - $350

Upper and lower (classic) - $530

Eyeliner upper (classic) - $480

Smokey eye -$550

Elegant eyeshadow -$550


Lip procedures can correct asymmetry, define lip shape, enlarge thin lips and minimize the appearance of large lips. Full lip treatment can effectively correct asymmetry.

Permanent lip treatment will enhance your lips so they appear soft and natural or create more dramatic look according to your wishes.


OMBRE-Lip liner with blend - $480

Full lip -$550

Full lip with highlighter - $590

Lip blush- $550

Aqurel lip ( no contur lip)  - $550

Flower Power - $600 ( two colors) 


Secret blush - $450

Scalp- price after consultation

The prices include: consultation, the procedure, after a months time a touch-up (3 months after the original appointment max.), as well as aftercare product. In order to make an appointment please call us with a preferred time and date, at the time of booking the appointment we do require a $50.00 deposit. The deposit goes towards the total of your service. In the event of client not showing up to their appointment without giving us a call the deposit will be lost. Clients have 48 hours prior to their appointment to reschedule or change the time of their appointment. The same scheduling guidelines apply to the touch-up appointments (the cost of which is included in the total). In the case of client not showing up to their touch-up appointment or canceling last minute they will lose the credit and will then have to pay $75.00 for their next visit. Any touch-ups exceeding three months from the original visit will cost $75.00 &up.

Color touch up to 12 months 50% off

Color touch up after 12 - 18 months 40%

Color touch up after 18 - 24 months 30% off

Color touch up after 24 months 25% off

$50 deposit is required  and is credited towards your service.